Economic and Social Isolation

Most retailers, restaurants and entertainment venues in Docklands struggle to survive.

The isolation, perceived or otherwise, that Docklands experiences has come at a cost to many retailers, restaurants and entertainment venues that established themselves in the area several years ago on the promise of great things to come. And while many businesses continue to struggle for survival, others have walked away and in some cases left their spaces empty... unable to attract tenants who are now wary of the areas reputation. 

The cost of failure is not just felt by the retailers; if retailers do not want to lease shops, property investors also miss out. What should otherwise be profitable retail space returns loses, and this affects the tax revenues from the suburb. Then there is the money spent by government and council in trying to promote the precinct.

Besides the economic isolation, there is also social isolation. For most people living in Docklands, there is no real sense of community or community focus.