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Transurban - Western Distributor Project

Herald Sun, September 14 2016 - Andrews Government isn’t listening to residents on major projects, warns academic ... More
The Age, August 29 2016 - Roads deal threatens Melbourne's liveability ... More 
The Age, July 10 2016 - Western Distributor: city off-ramps a bad idea, say residents and city council... More
The Age, July 7 2016 - Melbourne's worst roads: traffic dips below 10 km/h, with worse to come... More
The Age, May 14 2016 - Transurban: the making of a monster... More
The Age, May 12 2016 - Melbourne City Council report is critical of Western Distributor plans... More 
The Age, January 7 2016 - Transurban's tollway plan could choke the city with extra cars... More

Regional Rail Link - About the Regional Rail Link

International Railway Journal, September 7 2016 - Report calls for better regional rail links for Victoria... More 
Sydney Morning Herald, April 17 2016 - Our fragile transport systems will continue to break... More
The Age, April 9 2016 - Tougher Wheels and Tracks Needed... More
The Age, February 2 2016 - V/Line crisis began with Regional Rail Link cutbacks five years ago ... More
The Australian, September 4 2014 - Commuter hubs are the CBDs of the future... More 
The Age, January 4 2014 - Regional Rail Link unlikely to meet capacity... More
ABC News, July 11 2014 -  Train Derails in North Melbourne... More
The Age, December 22 2011 - V/Line to give North Melbourne a miss... More 

City of Melbourne - Construction booming in World’s Most Liveable City

The Age, August 26 2016 - Could the world's most liveable city be even better?  ... More 
Domain, March 22 2015 - Melbourne apartment buyers deterred by ‘appalling’ housing reports... More
The Age, December 28 2014 - Docklands tower fire reveals slum housing... More
The Age, July 4 2014 - Melbourne housing density grows sky high ... More
The Age, April 6 2014 - Population record rise in city dwellers Melbourne tops nation's growth rate... More

City of Melbourne (Council) - Open Space Strategy

This page has a link to Popular Pages where you can click on the Open Space Strategy Link. In this next page you will find the Document Download link to the City of Melbourne Open Spaces Strategy - it is a 7MB download, but it is well worth the read. 

The Age, September 20 2015 - Council makes first private land purchase for open space... More
WorldBank, March 30 2015 - Public spaces- Not a "nice to have" but a basic need for cities... More
The Age, January 17 2014 - Melbourne city centre a death trap as heat-island effect takes its toll... More

Federal Government - Impacts on Health of Air Quality in Australia

This is a PDF document that will download to your computer. It is worth reading to provide an understanding on the effects of air pollution on communities. For those people who are specifically concerned about the effects of diesel trains and trucks on their community, cut to Chapter 5 starting on page 57. 

The Age, September 24 2016 - A 'compact' city could help us ditch cars and live longer, says Melbourne Uni... More

Major Projects Victoria - E-Gate

The original Major Projects Victoria webpage describing the E-Gate development has been closed, but the image on the left is a screenshot from their website. The future of E-gate has been put on hold pending the outcome of the Western Distributor project. Western Connection is concerned that if Transurban do add two new roads across the E-Gate site it will destroy most chances of make E-Gate a valuable asset to the inner west. You can also read more about E-Gate here... More  

Docklands News, 4 February 2016 - E-Gate threatened by road plan ... More
The Age, 29 October 2014 - E-Gate to be sold in one land parcel for new suburb ... More
The Age, 25 April 2014 - New CBD suburb Egate ... More

Places Victoria - Docklands

The Age, May 12 2015 - Car parks cash in on Melbourne's free tram zone ... More
The Age, November 12 2014 - 'Ghost tower' warning for Docklands after data reveals high Melbourne home vacancies ... More
Herald Sun, January 2 2014 - Retailers Strugging in Harbourtown... More
Traveller, December 25 2013 - Melbourne Star Observation Wheel's appeal is limited because too much is out of view ... More

Western Connection - External Links and  Media Coverage.

Herald Sun November 18, 2014 - E-Gate urban redevelopment: Park plan to link Docklands and West Melbourne... More, November 19, 2014 ... more