Realigning the Train Tracks

The major obstruction to connecting West and North Melbourne directly to E-Gate and Docklands is the Regional Rail Link diesel train line that currently uses a flyover alongside Railway Place in West Melbourne. 

In the initial stages of the Regional Rail Link Project the plan was to build a new flyover closer towards the city, but this idea was scrapped to cut project costs. In hindsight, we think a new flyover would have been beneficial, not just to the greater community but also to Regional Rail Link. 

Shifting the flyover back towards the city would make it possible to bring the diesel trains down to the same level as the Metro trains as they approach North Melbourne Station, significantly reducing the acoustic presence of the trains.Bringing the diesel trains down to a lower level through West Melbourne would also create the opportunity connect the Regional Rail Link trains and passengers to North Melbourne Station. 

There is another significant benefit in moving the RRL overpass back towards the city; the opportunity to lower the height of Regional Rail Link train lines will significantly help designers protect E-Gate occupants from the noise and vibration of diesel trains as they go past. The cost of moving the train lines will offset the cost of sound proofing design solutions to the E-Gate site.  

Positioning trains lower into the landscape would reduce much of the noise for residents in both E-Gate and West Melbourne.