Q: Who owns the E-Gate site?

A: The EGate site is currently owned by the Victorian State Government. Over the past decades the site the land has had a range of tenants, including Bluescope Steel and Metro. In 2015 the site was cleared, the old rail tracks were removed and now the site is awaiting development. 

Q: How did the Western Connection group begin?

A: Melbourne City Western Connection Inc began as an idea by one West Melbourne resident. In early 2013 this person was asked to lead a group residents in protesting against the Regional Rail Link's decision to put over 200 diesel trains a day within 12-metres of homes in this part of the city. 
Realising that diesel trains were just one of many issues confronting this corner of Melbourne, the individual declined the role and instead set about looking for a better, more global solution to these issues. By mid-2013 a small group of residents from West Melbourne had come together discuss ideas and by late-2013, the decision was made to turn the group into and incorporated association. 

Q: What do we want from you?

A; Your Support! The only way to ensure the success of this project is to prove to both the Melbourne of City Council and the Victorian State Government that we want good urban planning and design to be a main consideration when planning new communities. We do not want it to be an afterthought that we add after developers have defined the landscape.

Please contact Melbourne City councillors and Victorian State MPs and tell them that you want the Western Connection proposal to become an agenda item. Thank you.