Making the Connection

Connections are important to communities... they allow people to get from one place to another. And the easier you make it to get from A to B, the more likely it is that people will go there. Connections build communities.

Some of the best connections are those that invite people to into their space, and then provide an ambiance from where anything is possible.

The type of connection that Western Connection is proposing between West Melbourne and Docklands is not a narrow walk-way or a street, but parkland. To do this we are proposing that they "Capital City Parkland" that is currently proposed for the CityLink end of E-Gate should be moved into the middle of the E-Gate. From there it would not only provide a central community focus for the residents and workers of E-Gate, but it will also create parkland that can easily be accessible to other residents, both in West Melbourne and Docklands.

This parkland would also serve as a direct connection between the north of the CBD, including Queen Victoria Market and Victoria Street precincts, and Docklands.